Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Goods Shed

The goods shed at Camden was a unique building on the New South Wales railways. It was a pretty standard shed on a platform but also had a canopy which was almost a duplicate of the main shed.
I used the photo below to calculate the length of the shed and then based it on a plan I had for a 60 foot shed and used the same basic design for the canopy.
The platform is precast timber, back filled with earth.
The siding was used to store spare cars, shown in the photo below, as well as loading and unloading goods wagons. Because the CCA car used on the Camden line had a goods compartment it was probably loaded and unloaded in the shed also.

The above photo, from the book Pansy the Camden Tram by Ian Dunn and Robert Merchant, shows the spare CCA car standing under the canopy while tank locomotive 2021 arrives with another service from Campbelltown.

The photo below shows the completed model standing on the layout. some track ballsting has been done but no scenery is in place. The fettler's hut on the left is a Structorama model.
The model was built using styrene with Campbell's windows and doors and the water tank is an old Sentinel kit I have had for many years.

Camden Valley Station

Ron Preston captured Camden station before the closure of the line. This photo was used in Byways of Steam 21.
  All of the buildings on the Camden Valley model railway were built from photos published in the books Pansy, the Camden Tram and Byways of Steam 21. Both these books provided many photos that allowed me to create the feeling of Camden in model form.
The station building measurements were calculated by working out the width of doors and walls in the photographs and using a plan book I picked up at a Liverpool exhibition some years ago.
I constructed the building from Evergreen clapboard sheet styrene and used Campbell's doors and windows. The roof is sheet corrugated iron.

An unfinished 20 class stands at Camden