Wednesday, 26 December 2012


This is the story of my model railway which is based on the Campbelltown-Camden branch which closed in 1962.
I am modelling just the Camden end of the line at the moment but would like to add Narellan to the layout in the furute. The layout is a simple L shape with Camden station and yard on one leg and a storage/fiddle yard on the other.
The station building and cream shed were scratchbuilt and the men's toilet is under construction right now.
The unique goods shed was also scratchbuilt and looks the part.
These buildings were built from photographs with measurements calculated from objects whose measurements were know.
The milk depot was built from Walthers construction parts and is a good representation of the original building.
Locomotives are a bit of a mix at the moment. There is a Sentinel whitemetal 20 class which will be replaced by two Austrains 20 class which will be available later in 2013. A 79 class sometimes visits Camden from Narellan to shunt its coal wagons for the return to Campbelltown. Other locos filling the roster at the moment are a 40 class and a 44 class.
A CPH railmotor provides some of the passenger services and a 600/700 class also assists. The 600/700 class will probably be reomved when the 20 class locomotives arrive.
Rolling stock consists of two FO cars each coupled to a CCA car which provide passenger services. There is a range of goods wagons including CV, MV, PV, S wagons and CH gaurds van.
I hope you enjoy the story of my layout.
In a future blog I will record a little bit of the prototype history of the Camden branch. I will also publishe some photos recording the progress of the layout.